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Here is my HOMEWORK!!

    Yoroshiku! (Regards!) This an interview of my mom, Trish. Dub by me, Momasita. This (annoying) paper was done for my career's class. I believe this was assigned to help me chose what I want to do in my life easier. This interview took place in the dining room while she was eating. During the interview Momasita didn't seemed upset by these questions. Just frank. On the other hand. I was annoyed. Hmph!

    When Momasita was in high school she wanted to join the Navy. After high school she contacted a recruiter and took the ASVAB. AND~! That's how she joined the Navy. Let's hop back to Momasita's first job(DAT DA DA~!): Burger King at the age of 13. She learned (and I quote)"Responsibility, dependability and accountability" there. Now let's fast forward past marriage, 5 children(I'm the youngest!) and whatever else. Mom is now 45 and has worked for McDees for 22 years. She is a proud store owner. Who's (*Snorts* I love you mom~!) "liven the dream" every day (with Sundays and Mondays taken off if not too busy.) Mom likes the pace and the customer interaction at McDonald s. Even if she DOES want to change jobs some days.

    O.K. lets talk collage. My Mom and Dad both took college classes but never graduated. My parents both want me to be happy in what I do so they don't really care if I do an in state collage or an out. They know I am interested in armed forces(even though they are worried about the conflict recently) and the medical field. They know I want to be an author. Also Mom says "I can see you being an pastry cheif.". When I asked her what else she thought I was interested in. I can tell they would support me especially after this little bit of advice. "Truly like what you want to do." and "Don't look back, move forward."

That is the end of the now FUN essay. Sayōnara~! (Good bye~!)
Title: Calculator
Author: Read the username
Disclaimer:Uh-huh I own this thing like I actually have wings to fly on.

"Hey Max check this out!"

"What is that?" Max asks curiously. "Just a LOVE calculator. Do you want to see you and Dylan?"
"W-what n-noo!" stutters Max. I complete ignore her and did it anyway.

Max and Dylan

*Blank stares*

"Ah...Sorry Max. Lets try Fang...?

*Max nods dumbly.*

Max and Fang


"Try Maya." Max said complete with a stubborn gaze.

"WHAT!? TRY MAYA!! " Gets a nasty glare.

Maya and Fang

Complete and utter shock silence.


Feels the *YOU ARE DEAD* vibes from Max.

*RUNS form the VERY angry Max.*

Writer's Block: The name of the game

What was your favorite game as a child, and why? With whom did you play it?

Kingdom Hearts because my brothers played even my sister did as well. They looked they were having fun. (I did by the way.) So I asked to join.

The List

Anybody want to start this again?
From here.
Loved the fic and the plunnies from The List so much that my cheeks started to hurt from grinning so much.
Numbers 205 through 226 except 213 is mine.

Anybody remeber this?Collapse )

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My color is ... grass green?


Something that tells you your color. And that (points up) is apparently mine.


Mood themes done by the lovely muso art. Thank you for feeding my Detective Conan L.O.V.E~! Here's the link.



Title: Four Boys
Author: tabby2014
Fandom: MK/DC
Pairing: I don't know. I may not do one.
A/N: This is a plunnie that attacked me and would not let go. It is an AU. Enjoy~!

There was a little... no four little boys out(at this time of night!?) and running in the streets like mad with clothes that belong on teenagers not grade schoolers.

One was a dark skinned with blue-green eyes and cussing like mad with a Kansai-Ben accent. (Where the heck did a child learn to cuss like that!?)

Another is pale apparently a British-Caucasian mix with an interesting color of stormy blue eyes and seems to be cussing in  four different languages mostly in British tainted English.(What in the world is a bang arsehole git!?)

The other two(are cussing just as much...) seem to be athletic twins(judging by the tans and the fact that they are decent distance a headed of the other two) except for the hair and eyes.

One has messy hair(Ever heard of a comb dear? Or does your hair eat the stinking thing!) and blue eyes verging on violet.(Lovely color really but so rare I didn't knew it existed!)

Messy boy's twin has much neater hair and surprisingly bright blue eyes. All were heading toward a house(at surprising speed) that said Eto-oh...um I mean Kudo. All of them look bewilder, horribly panic, and absolutely terrified.

A/N:Are you guys A-OK with this style? I find writing easier when I add random comments and PERSONALY I find it really funny. So TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!!

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Should I or Should I not?

Title: Detective Magic/ Detectives and Magicians
Author: tabby2014
Fandom: MK/DC
Pairing: A surprise if I continue
A/N: This is a plunnie that attacked me and would not let go. It is an AU it also has a new character. Enjoy~!



I need to quite being so nervous. Kaito thought. I mean, yes this is my first heist and all. Lets just hope it goes well.

The lights suddenly went out and a blast of pink smoke covered the room. "Ladies and Gentlemen~!" Kid shouted. Show time! Kaito then used his scarfs and tried to catch and tie Kid up. Kid dodges easily and turned towards him.

"Well you're new. Hmm, Tantei-mahou."

Then the chase began.

A/N: I did this on the spot when it attacked.Tell me what you think and if anyone would like to beta please~! Also posted on dc_yaoi.


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